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Beat Author Records’ Breaking Artists

Beat Author Records is an independent music label based out of North Brunswick, New Jersey founded by Cristopher Arthur and Brian Cohen in 2016. Beat Author is currently working with independent AND major artists, releasing “Trust” by music producer and recording artist Jay Major featuring Drag-On of released in January of 2017. An open label that is actively signing music artists, Beat Author is making HUGE noise in small amounts of time. Delivering hit after hit from artists such as Burial Park (Beat Authors’ Hard Rock Band) and 50 Racks cross over hip hop/rock crossover titled “Boom”. Melanie Munoz released an Pop Ballad titled “Breathe”, and “Killa Bees Trap” by Beat Author featuring Born Devine of the Wu-Tang Clan, which will be released January 19th 2018 on all music stores and streaming services WORLDWIDE!

Signing Burial Park, 50 Racks (which happens to be the labels’ lead A&R) and Melanie Munoz, Beat Author is expanding and releasing videos at an amazing pace. Collaborating with Artofwarr released “Whiskey In My Cup”, Jay Major just released “Love You Knot” and are planning a tour in the near future. Keep an eye out and make sure you follow Beat Author to keep up with their artists new releases.

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