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Who is BMG RECORDS? and CCG Network Radio Presents:

BMG Records Networking Party Live Facebook Broadcast (shot by Brian Tyrie)

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We got a chance to meet three members of Black Market Gang Records aka BMG Records, at the self titled Networking Party with DJ Lady Lee in the building. The energy from the crowd, performers and music professionals carried the night. There was some official music business deals that were made at the party. We cannot disclose the information since the details haven’t been confirmed, but we can confirm that the Boston Music Scene is ALIVE and FLOURISHING with Talent!


These gentlemen introduced us to some of the supporters and management such as Mr. Preme aka  Supreme Entertainment! We met Smoove Impact, Shamayne Rosario, Carrol Smith and many other beautiful entertainers. In short it was one of the most hospitable events we have ever attended. If you see or hear about the BMG Records squad turning up at a venue we recommend staying for the show.

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Omega Beast

Omega Beast is the artist/producer of the group, responsible for some of the hits you will hear from BMG Records, and behind the scenes. Omega is a defined music business man with many affiliates and clients that make his movement so strong.

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Bugsy Streetz

Bugsy Streetz aka BDot Is a Boston based artist whose primary focus is to bring the entertainment and party back to hip-hop. Since 1998 when Bugsy, born Bobby Reed, was a teenager he witnessed his friends murder because of the violence terrorizing the streets of Boston Ma. That’s when he remembered his late friends advice… to get out the streets by doing his music. So he dropped a series of underground mixtapes through the Boston underground under the name B.Streetz. Bay2Bean vol.1(2001) Recboys United (2002) and the Streetz is still watching (2003). Ever since then he’s connected with Boston’s most noticed promoter Barbra Williams from New England Up Front ENT. She gave him the opportunity to showcase he’s talent by preforming in such venues as Sammie’s Patio Revere Ma. And Puffer Bellies Hyannis Ma.with artist such as the CokeBoys. There he started to build his buzz in New England. He has rocked stages all over Boston’s hotspots. They all have felt the Bugsy Streetz experience. Bugsy has since dropped his recent mixtape Made Man(2013) His popularity grows like he’s the Beatles of HipHop, Raps true Grateful Dead, this artist has the poise to supply a potent & much needed voice for the city of Boston. The culture and music as a whole. He’s future seems bright! You want to make your next event a Bugsy Streetz Experience?

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Spinning Wheelz

The business minded, soft spoken and ALWAYS humble Spinning Wheelz! We were down for a good time and Spinning Wheelz helped introduce us to some of the aforementioned guests. Working with BMG Records Spinning Wheelz is working on some amazing art that will be announced upon release here on! Stay Tuned for more!!

Spinning Wheelz aka Bossdon aka the Prince

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Brian Tyrie is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Music Producer/Mixing Engineer and also plays several roles behind the scenes, for the and Experiences!

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