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Brand New Boiiing Boiiing Frenzying Dnb EP

MC Stimulator never fails to disappoint when it comes to BREAKING THE RULES!


The UK based “experimental/hip hop/DNB” artist did not hold back on the Boiiing Boiiing Frenzying Dnb EP [Explicit]. Right in the lyrics from previous pieces, you hear MC Stimulator talk about “outside the box” but you HAVE to listen to understand how unique this style really is.

First of all, we have a hip hop artist rapping over DNB… automatically puts him into a faster BPM (beats per minute) which proves MC Stimulator is the MASTER of his own CADENCE! MC Stimulator writes and performs these tracks LIVE around the England, UK area. Check out his website on the multiple links shared on this article to be redirected to EXACTLY what you are interested…

Some of the radio shows MC Stimulator has blessed is UK Raw Radio out of London, Relaxed in Wax from Birmingham and Explosive Bass Sunday Radio also in Birmingham.

In other news the English MC is also the new addition to Mass Attack, as they describe themselves, “Drum & Bass music promotion company established in 2016. Mass Attack gives artists within the scene a platform to showcase themselves & there skills.”

Boiiing Boiiing Frenzying Dnb EP [Explicit]

Click Above or Below to Purchase!

Click Above or Below to Purchase!

Boiiing Boiiing Frenzying Dnb EP [Explicit]

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MC Stimulator “Hidden Frowning” featuring MC Razor Danzee Productions




MC Stimulator “Its Da Opposite” Sick N Twisted Official Remix

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