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FBG Duck Is Killing It Right Now With His Latest Heat ” Slide “

FBG Duck is still out here killing the game with nothing but fire. I don’t think people put enough respect on his name. Since Lil Jay has been locked up, Duck been putting on for FBG(FlyBoyGang). Labels won’t touch him because word around town is ” Duck dangerous ” .  Respect him more than alot of unsigned artists because he put in work and it shows. Averaging almost 1M views in just a WEEK on his latest heat ” Slide “.  His last 3 videos hit 1M each in a month. He doing numbers on his own. No co-signs or major features. SELF MADE BUZZ. Check out his latest video ” Slide ” & stay tuned for more music. Labels won’t touch him now but never know what the future holds. #SauceUp3x


About Sauceology

What's Up! I'm Maurice aka Reeseology or Reeseaveli . Currently 21 Years Young! Entrepreneur - Music Blogger - Media Personality - Marketer - Strategist Seen On TMZ Twice & Growing Up Hip Hop Once Talking Music, Sports & Politics Everywhere I Go. I Get Around. Followed On Social Media By A Bunch of People (Including Famous People) Who Agree With My Thoughts. I Did Digital Music Marketing Along with Social Media Marketing, Blogging, PR, & Consulting! Freelancer Entrepreneur Helping Artists,Brands etc.. get to the public and create awareness. I have been doing all of this since the age of 14. I'm dedicated to my dream to make a change, to work with purpose. I'm funny, smart, cool, charismatic, and always level headed. I love to read and learn about everything. I know a little about alot! Everything With Creativity & Vision! Spreading Quality Music Talking What's Going On In The Media & Music through Social media. Quality Music Only! Every person has a voice that needs to be heard. I'm looking for a start, to do something big. I believe I'm destined for greatness, and won't stop until I meet my goal. I have a lot of musici wanna discover+ share to the world I've done social media PR & Music Promotion for a few well known musicians in the industry, worked with 2 major record labels on marketing & promotion, and managed upcoming artists. I've done Social Media Marketing and PR for a few radio stations, blogs, tech startups and more... In 2017 I was doing event coordination in Atlanta at a few spots such as lounges, clubs, & art galleries I Specialized In Digital Music Marketing Social Media Marketing Brand development Content Marketing Social Media Management Branding Music Promotion Social Media Influencer Platforms @Reeseaveli on Twitter (200K+) @Reeseaveli On IG: (20k) Journalist, Consultant, Artist, Promoter Humble And Focused Creativity + Vision

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