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Jaylii Got Juice feat. Turich Benjy – Preach

Jaylii got me feeling this jawn. I  was listening to 2 of heer other songs that was aight until i seen this ust dropped.. Had to talk about this. Azae went crazy on them visuals. Turich sound is crazy. This some Original step up from the usual DOPE. It’s like they got they own relationship with GOD.  Flawless & inspirational. Watch out for them. Sauce Up

About Sauceology

What's Up! I'm Maurice aka Reeseology or Reeseaveli . Currently 21 Years Young! Entrepreneur - Music Blogger - Media Personality - Marketer - Strategist Seen On TMZ Twice & Growing Up Hip Hop Once Talking Music, Sports & Politics Everywhere I Go. I Get Around. Followed On Social Media By A Bunch of People (Including Famous People) Who Agree With My Thoughts. I Did Digital Music Marketing Along with Social Media Marketing, Blogging, PR, & Consulting! Freelancer Entrepreneur Helping Artists,Brands etc.. get to the public and create awareness. I have been doing all of this since the age of 14. I'm dedicated to my dream to make a change, to work with purpose. I'm funny, smart, cool, charismatic, and always level headed. I love to read and learn about everything. I know a little about alot! Everything With Creativity & Vision! Spreading Quality Music Talking What's Going On In The Media & Music through Social media. Quality Music Only! Every person has a voice that needs to be heard. I'm looking for a start, to do something big. I believe I'm destined for greatness, and won't stop until I meet my goal. I have a lot of musici wanna discover+ share to the world I've done social media PR & Music Promotion for a few well known musicians in the industry, worked with 2 major record labels on marketing & promotion, and managed upcoming artists. I've done Social Media Marketing and PR for a few radio stations, blogs, tech startups and more... In 2017 I was doing event coordination in Atlanta at a few spots such as lounges, clubs, & art galleries I Specialized In Digital Music Marketing Social Media Marketing Brand development Content Marketing Social Media Management Branding Music Promotion Social Media Influencer Platforms @Reeseaveli on Twitter (200K+) @Reeseaveli On IG: (20k) Journalist, Consultant, Artist, Promoter Humble And Focused Creativity + Vision

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