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MC Stimulator Holiday Merchandise Sale

MC Stimulator has a brand new supply at his new Merchandise store, which makes an EXCELLENT GIFT for loved ones this holiday season. MC Stimulator writes and performs LIVE, all around the England, UK area. Check out his website on the multiple links shared on this article to be redirected to EXACTLY what you are looking for. Keep an eye out for the new merchandise added to the website. Snap-backs are seasonal and temporarily sold out, so keep an eye out and budget on hand.

Make sure you check out all of the DOPE WEAR over at the MC Stimulator Merch Store

Here we have a Spotify selection of music that should be added to ANY electro-hip hop playlist ever created. If you’re on Spotify give these tracks a listen and let us know your feedback. Artists commonly will engage in the comments since is a Community for the Independent Music Artist and other brands.

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Brian Tyrie is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Music Producer/Mixing Engineer and also plays several roles behind the scenes, for the and Experiences!

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