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Most Popular Streaming Services Paying Unsigned Music Artists

 Let’s look at the ball park of “Most Popular Streaming Services Paying Unsigned Music Artists” to get an idea of the way we see revenue.

The digital world is creating new and innovative lifestyle options for our modern day lives. Tech is also statistically, the current most popular field for students and future entrepreneurs. The way we live our lives depends on the devices we have access. For instance the “walk-man” was the 90’s teenagers best friend, especially if you’re a music fan. Then came the “disc-man” and then the iPod. When companies discovered that they could download the music files directly into a device, skipping the tape or disc burning process the industry changed. Since then we have streaming services and social media platforms used for marketing music.

Most music labels will run ad campaigns on all of their artists’ social media and streaming services. Some may even call streaming the new communication empire, where America Online (AOL and AIM) left off. Tidal, iTunes or Spotify… playlists, album’s or mixtapes… all found on social media, advertisements. A well established brand, will use the marketing tools they have at their fingertips to push their product and adapt as the culture evolves. Today we listen to music a lot different than 20 years ago… with that said here is an examination of what streaming is, and what it pays the modern day music artist. Bear in mind the reason that the advertisement is so imperative in a music artists’ career. In order to make a decent income each quarter, there has to be investments that help you reach a PROFIT.

Thanks to our friends at we have an awesome visual that shows us what the most popular streaming services are paying ‘Unsigned Music Artists’.

As pictured below we see the most updated (June 2017) chart for streaming revenue.

In conclusion, music artists find themselves, or their team, paying close attention to budget, growing social media and streaming revenue by combining ad campaigns. Rolling the dice on conversion rate, which will depend on your branding and marketing representation. This is why in previous articles we stress the importance of Branding and the Difference Between Promotion and Advertisement. You’ve probably heard that you “have to spend money to make money” which applies to running music ads online.

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