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“The Broccoli Tree” by Jibba The Gent, New England Hip Hop!

Jibba The Gent is representing Rutland, Vermont and has been putting in work on both the production and song-writer side of things. The total experience includes “Charlee’s Song” which is written and produced by Jibba The Gent, live performances all over the New England region, track lists on the most popular streaming sites and donations to the Cure for IBD -- Crohn’s & Colitis Research Foundation just to mention a few. “The Broccoli Tree” is Jibba The Gents’ latest album that has a couple other Featured Artists such as Vazy and Young Breeze and Noah Jones and tracks of straight hip hop. “Air Raid” is definitely one of the hardest tracks on this project.

If you would like to help donate to a good cause click below for information. Add Jibba The Gent to your favorite playlists and follow on all social media to keep up with new releases and tour dates. Tune in to our friends at Still Ill Radio to catch Jibba The Gent January 3rd 2018! As a matter of fact click below to check out Jibba The Gents’ Official Website and explore for yourself! Events, Booking, Shop and more all available at the site!

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