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If you would like to be considered for a spot on the Spotify Promotion plan as either a Mainstream Music Artist or Independent Music Artists please email your Spotify Artist link to with an EPK or your social media links, bio and images. has an amazing line up of talent! No doubt there is a promising future ahead of all the music and arts industry with the internet evolving. Culture is what independent music represents so feel free to comment share and like all of the artists featured. Every link will lead you to an awesome experience!

The Official Music Video for our new single Beat Author “Trust” Ft Drag-On & Jay Major on our upcoming album Beat Author “The Album” is the #1 Talent Source for Independent Artists, Brands, Models, Music Videos and more. Join us and visit the pages to network with some of the most valuable assets to the Independent Music Industry. In the digital age we are currently developing, there are no rules to success.

Make yourself known whether you are a management company, AnR or investor, a music artist, producer or fan! Everyone that is represented on this website has social media links provided to follow up with the brands that stick out to you most.

Fayro is an independent hip hop artist, representing Memphis Tennessee! With the sounds of “Roots” and “Kumbaya” added to the mix, we promote the most LIT Playlists on Spotify! 808’s and crisp vocal engineering is an Arcelio Productions x Cymphani Cyrine

Exhaust your right to network and feel free to follow and engage. Also make sure you take advantage of our MANY investors, affiliates and platforms that can either help you with your next steps to further your evolution in the music game, or if you’re a fan… let’s keep you busy with some of the HOTTEST music and brands on the web!

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Take a look at, the most listened to and acknowledged internet radio station that has changed the game for hundreds of independent artists and music fans like yourself.

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Where Independent Artists Are Being Heard and Discovered Worldwide!

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Are you an Artist that just wants to be heard or a fan of independent music? If so, we here at CCG Network Radio pride ourselves as being the premium place where independent artists are being heard worldwide. Unlike traditional radio stations where only the affluent commercial artist gets airplay, we realize that there is a whole community of undiscovered artist who deserve to have their voice heard, so we decided to create the platform.

Beat Author is a production team and record label that works with industry and independent artists in ALL genres of music. Focused on helping music artists with their production needs at a reasonable price while continuously trending with industry artists. The first single from Beat Author newest release, Beat Author “The EP” featuring the legendary Drag-On from the Ruff Ryders and new artist Jay Major from New Mexico.

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Trust Remix  (Release date 11.10.17)  --
Beat Author The EP -- 6 songs (release date TODAY)
Burial Park -- Horror Heart single (release date TODAY)

Beat Author has also signed Staten Islands most under-rated Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band called Burial Park. Burial Parks first single “Horror Heart” is set to be released on Nov 11, 2017 and the video is also in the works. 2018 is going to be a huge year for Beat Author while celebrating newly signed Melanie Munoz, who sang the 2nd single “Breathe” (over a million views on YouTube already).
Beat Author has 4 full albums being released in 2018 along with many other songs including a single with Born Divine from Wu-Tang.

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